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The controversial debates about underage children/youth exploring gender identity

Debates about the implementation of laws that give underage children/youth the power to explore their gender identity has set off a worldwide war.

Some heterosexual parents are illicit and have publicly expressed their controversial opinions, while parents that believe choice of gender identity is at the discretion of children/youth oppose their opinion.

The conflicts are not only between the heterosexual and LGBTQIA… communities, there are cultural diversified opinions throughout the world.

Uganda and Kenya government has spoke out against Americans forcing their LGBTQIA… lifestyle in their countries.  Uganda has established laws that anyone caught in their country living the LGBTQIA…life will be demised or receive life imprisonment.

Uganda questions why are they being targeted by America when other surrounding countries are demising people associated with the LGBTQIA… community?

A popular trans woman said this, “Gender is a fact. Identity is how you feel. Sexuality is your desire.”

The trans woman believes your assigned gender at birth can’t be altered. Sexual identity is self perception, “how one thinks of oneself in terms of romantic and/or sexual attraction.” Sexuality is feelings, thoughts, attraction and behavior toward other people which can be diverse and personal.

The trans woman received backlash, and was distanced from the LGBTQIA… community.

A mother who says her eighteen month old boy seemed to adapt to girly things, experienced public backlash. She and the husband said they had to make a decision about their sons gender identity, and at age two the child continues to be attracted to girly things. They encourage and support their son’s desires.

Why is society adamant about giving children/youth power to explore their gender identity during a vulnerable stage of development? They are not age appropriate to take care of their physiological, and psychological needs.

The adolescent stage of development is fragile. Their bodies and cognitive behavior experience major transitions, physical, intellectual, psychological, socially, and their moral judgement is fragile… and to offer affirming surgeries, hormones and testosterone treatments during physical and cognitive imbalance can be overwhelming and traumatizing.

Children should be given the opportunities of choice! It’s part of their growth and maturity, they learn to explore thoughts, interest and judgments.  I think we all can agree to this. But when it extents to medical procedures that are none reversible, where are the boundaries?

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. (I Corinthians 13:11).

There are some children who are considered a child prodigy, very intelligent.  This does not exempt or speed up their physical development.

I recently seen a nine year old child who has a high IQ graduate high school and started taking college courses.

Should we assume his high IQ asserts that he’s experiencing the adolescence stages of development or his IQ and EQ correlate?

Children with high IQ’s may be intelligent academic achievers,  but they may lack the qualities of the EQ, emotion quotient or emotional intelligence… which equates to the adolescence stages of development.

God gives mankind free will choice, but the power of choice may not correlation with children/youth mental, and physical development, particularly when self-control is challenged by the power of choice.

Gender identity is a learned behavior, personal choice, or a genetical instinct? Hmm?!


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