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Meet Stephanie Archie-Reed

Author, Musician, Inspirational Speaker


Stephanie is a musician, author, writer, and inspirational speaker who loves to dialogue with folks about the complexities of life. She is an advocate believer of self-empowerment, and body, soul, and spiritual healing.

She loves the art of music, as it is her way to express her deepest passions and emotions. Writing is her way to conquer deeply rooted mental and emotional distresses, redirecting them to a path of healing.  Her Inspirations are self-experiences that she pen with hopes that her words will heal the heart and soul of others and inspire a chain reaction of self-empowerment and healing.

The intrusive complexities of life she experienced influenced her to study and learn the whys about human behavior. She has completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Masters in Psychology.

She was an editorial writer for and CBS The Best of Sacramento.    She authored three books, Behind the Bars of the Soul, Construct to Completion My Book Writing Experience, and co-authored and published You Can Live, a book written by her sister Sonja Michelle Archie.


Stephanie loves spending quality time with her two adult children, daughter-in-love, and four grandchildren.

Welcome to a Godly journey that heals the body, soul, and spirit.

Much Love, 


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