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You Can Live

You Can Live


Sonja Michelle Archie was a mother and a devoted Christian as well as an advocate, ambassador, and spokesperson for the Golden State Donor Services, which has been renamed Sierra Donor Services.  She also was a volunteer for National Kidney Foundation.


At the age of ten, Sonja was diagnosed with renal failure.  She received two successful kidney transplants, one from a brother.  After each transplant, she continued to accomplish and succeed her life dreams.


In her book, she talks about her transplants, marriage, divorce, employment, having a child, having to abort a child, her emotional and physical encounters during her sickness, and her spirituality.  Sonja tells how she overcame a series of obstacles.  


She did not let life’s ailments stop her from achieving her desires and goals.

She has touched the lives of many family members, friends, and associates, as she fought sickness with a smile.  She talked about the “the goodness of God.” Her book provides great inspirations that “you can live,” despite life obstacles.


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