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Christian Nationalists politically straddle the meaning of Christianity

The word Christian was establish in the book of Acts during controversies between the Roman government and follower of Jesus Christ. The followers of Jesus Christ refused to be a part of the Roman religious system of pagan sacrifices and worshipping their gods. Acts 11:26

Throughout decades as the word Christian(s) evolved, controversial opinions and beliefs expanded to debates that specifically focused on the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Many religions that profess to be Christian do not believe the totality of Jesus life and teachings, and His death, burial, and resurrection.

Today’s church world has straddled the meaning of Christian(s) across a system that distance itself from being followers of Jesus Christ. A system that compromise and incorporate an equivocal position that allows diverse opinions and various doctrines to exist in place of the original meaning.

The Nationalists establish political and cultural groups that relate to their ideologies. They are a movement that believes nations should be congruent with states, promoting self-governance and avoiding external authority.

Nationalist patronized and shared characteristics include cultural, ethnicity, demographic locations, language, politics, religions, and historical or traditional beliefs.

The origin of Christian verses nationalist differ in meaning, but combined, Christian Nationalist focus on laws that reflect Christianity and its politics and social life.

The question is, “Should Christians or Christian Nationalist be involved with the political agendas of this world?”

The Christian faith, as I stated above, has evolved since its original meaning was established. There are two words that  come to mind, fundamental and liberal churches.

Fundamental churches, although they vary in denominations, they believe the Bible is the infallible guide to God/Jesus Christ. The strict doctrine that they teach and practice is believed to be compromised, as many fundamental churches today accept and practice liberal ideologies.

The liberal churches focus is modern science, knowledge, and ethics over doctrinal teachings. The Age of Enlightenment played a significant role in the establishment of liberal churches, which focused on mankind’s happiness. This led to reasoning and debates which decreased the doctrine or teachings of Jesus Christ to accompany their philosophical research and beliefs.

There is something I notice while searching for fundamental and liberal churches via internet, some churches are listed as fundamental and liberal. The new world order plays a significant role in the compromise.

What does this have to do with Christian nationalist?

The contrast of different beliefs that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ cause hostility, strife, anger, dissension, and riotous behavior (Galatians 5:19-22). This leads some Christian to become obsessed with debates which the cause and effect, relatable offenses and insults, establish a chain reaction that ignites violence as the January 6 insurrection.

There were Christian nationalists that agreed and refused to speak against the attempted “assasinistic” overthrow of our government. Instead, they favored and justified the attempt.

When questioned about their faith, they quoted scriptures to justified their actions… many times shifted the scriptures out of context to fit their narrative.

Should Christians be a part of politics hypes… presenting their beliefs and views about laws and voting? Absolutely! When their arguments and debates rise to deception and violence, hmm…?

The Pharisees and Sadducee continued to politically debate with Jesus and His disciples. I’m just saying!


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Janice Ivy
Janice Ivy
Mar 14, 2023

Very interesting. And you shall know the truth and the truth will set/make you free 🙏🏽

Mar 14, 2023
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