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Accomplishments code of conduct, triggers

When I finished writing my second book, prior to getting it published, I sat looking at my computer and the feeling of accomplishment was real. But there were a few obstacles I encountered during the process of writing my book.

I had to relive a few major experiences I encountered in life. I would be stagnant for months before I’d continue writing.

I was thrown into triggered areas where a portion of my past experiences resurfaced, and I noticed they were present. “Oops! I thought I overcame that part!”

Unbeknownst to me, those areas were doormat or hidden in the compartments of my heart, and reopening those wounds sent me into a triggered state. “Although the pain felt different from the initial happenings, the sting of it was real.”

What are triggers? A gun user would say, a small tongue in a firearm when pressed by a finger discharges the weapon. A person that uses a firearm with the intent to harm, usually are evoke by a traumatic experience that has affected them mentally. Triggers cause emotional distress and overwhelming feelings. It affects logical thinking and can lead into patterns of irrational thinking and movements.

I said that to ask this, was Will Smith triggered? It appeared something triggered him.

But wait, there are controversies circulating as some people speculated his behavior was real, while others believed it was staged. Real or staged, we see the effects of real life traumas that trigger embarrassing and undesirable behaviors.

I can say real life traumas because his family has shared intimate family issues to the world. Infidelity and an open marriage were two issues they publicly shared.

Publicizing dirty laundry warrant mental, physical, and emotional strains that affects a family tremendously, leaving them in a vulnerable state and causing them to be susceptible to triggers at any moment.

There is one word that I’ve learned that will detour triggers and that word is awareness. When I’m aware of what triggers me, it’s the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve gained from my experience that sustains me in dealing or coping with it. James 1:5 said this, if we lack wisdom, ask God, and He generously gives it to us.

I must say, it’s my biblical studies that have helped me recognize triggers, gain knowledge and wisdom that elevates me to a level of maturity to face triggers. Yes, I’m caught off guard at times, as when I was writing my book, and triggers do happen.

Awareness helps us to seek resolution and how to cope with traumas that are triggered by what we see, hear, and have experienced.

How do we cope? Prayer, meditation, attending church, vacationing, going to the beach, hobbies, reading, being a part of social group. I’ve seen many people cope with trauma by establishing groups or campaigns that bring awareness to their traumatic experience(s).

How the smith family surface through this is yet to be seen.

One other thing that keeps awareness in the forefront is rules of conduct… conduct claws that establishes rules of behavior and expectations. These rules enforce companies and individuals involved to be accountable and responsible for their wrong actions.

Laws are written to remind us what happens to the lawless.


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