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And we wonder why our children behavior the ways they do...

An adult cyber fight broke out and those involved handled the situation like children. Most all persons connected to the fiasco are semi believers of Christ, and some profess to be strong believers.

The level of offensive verbal content, profanity, and slander, that was spoken, made them appear to be lukewarm or non-believing Christians.

How do I know that? “And He (Jesus) said, “Whatever comes from [the heart of] a man, that is what defiles and dishonors him... acts of greed and covetousness, wickedness, deceit, unrestrained conduct, envy and jealousy, slander and profanity, arrogance and self-righteousness and foolishness (poor judgment). All these evil things [schemes and desires] come from within and defile and dishonor the man,” (Mark 7:20, 22-23).

There are some boundaries a believer doesn’t cross, because they don’t want to be shamefully exposed before the world and bring shame to the kingdom of God.

It started with jealousy of another’s success. “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder [unrest, rebellion] and every evil thing and morally degrading practice,” (James 3:16).

Self ambition is prominent in today’s world. Power, fame, and wealth have folks doing whatever it takes to gain these notoriety.

We have seen in our world that money gives access to places not everyone can go, and that is what the cyber fights were about. Comments, clicks, and likes, brings money, fame, and notoriety.

The persona of these cyber business buddies has caused disorderly corruptions. Law suits, threaten letters, and the demise of character as each are fighting for the win.

The one thing that money cannot do is sustain life. We have seen cyber personalities commit suicide. The last few months, a number of millionaires and billionaires found themselves in legal troubles or dead.

Money itself is not the root of evil as we need money to survive. But, the “love” of money is the root of evil.

How does this affect our children?

Many children have access to social web, via cell phones, computers, and video games. Children are mentally vulnerable, as they don’t process or filter adult cyber drama as a mature adult that choose to ignore or indulge.

The evil intent and degrading behaviors these adults manifest infiltrate the minds of children as they receptively watch the violent atrocities online.

Parental guidance is at discretion, dependent if the parent is a solicitor to the drama. Some parents put the gadgets in the hands of their children and ignore what they watch, while other monitor. Who is left to filter and deal with the troubled children?

The school is a place where children spend more of their “awake time.” Principals, teachers, school psychologist, counselors, and social workers are left to try and correct what the parents lack teaching their children.

The lack of parental support becomes an enabler for the school official to dictate and make life choices for the children. Many of the school officials are burnt out trying to be the parent and teacher.

What next, will the parents loose rights and the government take control of our children? Hmm!


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