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Cartoons, video games, to metaverse

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Many people sat their children in front of the television to watch cartoons. It’s a babysitter for some parents, as their children are mesmerized by their favorite cartoon character. The results of their mesmerized imaginary experience influence children to mimic the characteristics of their favorite cartoon character.

People are not aware how it might influence their children or how it’s conditioning their behavior, and some children, their future.

Have you heard a parent tell their child, “stop acting like that!” The child’s response, “mom, but (names their favorite cartoon character) does it.” The moms response, “It’s just cartoons! It’s not real!”

When an adult, they may strayed away from their favorite cartoons, yet the stimulus of their imagery childhood conditioned them to seek the emotional sensation they felt as a child… for some adults, it’s their comfort zone.

The video games have taken the place of cartoons and not only influence the behavior of children, but adults, and for some adults, when they experience life alterations or traumas, they revert to the emotional sensualize stimulus they felt as a child.

Parents have publicly complained how video games influence their children’s behavior, and have caused conflict, which in some homes have escalated to violence and murders.

Adult mass shooters are influenced by the violence portrayed in some video games, as many of them suffer mental breakdowns that reverse their adult cognitive behavior to their imaginary childhood. They attach to groups with similarities… and find themselves committing violent acts that result in lifetime penalties. Were they conditioned? Hmm!

Where am I going with this?

The most precious and delicate part of our body is our mind. Any abnormal alteration or trauma, great or small, can alter the mind.

Metaverse, the scientific fiction digital technology, has been in the works for years. It takes the mind into this illusionary space which the curiosity of mankind is challenged as its being conditioned to a new world.

Have you observed current cartoons and video games, and the intent projected?

The thought of humans being virtually mesmerized is an exciting modern day technical artificial genre, which forms imaginary content or techniques that conditions the users. The childhood imaginary cartoons are now in digital fruition which humans can create themselves as live avatars with auditory and emotional sensations.

My curiosity is getting me to observe the outcome of mankind’s reasoning for creating this metaverse experience. It will be interesting to see how the digital robotic human reincarnation and avatars will consign or ratify each other. Will their character be able to shift form, metaverse (virtual interaction) to real-time (physical robotic interaction)? Just a thought!

The researcher is looking for the effects and conclusion or results that are met with their reasoning and expectation, a digital world which they can manipulate and control through digital magnetics.

While transitioning to a digital society, what is inclusive on this journey? Humans are marrying dolls who have no emotion and physical reactions. That imaginary cartoonist world where the animated images exist is in empty solid form… as artificial intelligence robotic dolls are being artificially sensitized with human behavior.

Robotic replicas of their loved ones are being made… this is driving mankind to distant relationships as they fall in love with a robot, artificial love, rather than a human...

And we wonder why it’s easy for people to have long distance imaginary love relationships… with only visual perceptions verses the reality of physical touch.

You know, many people have connected to social media personas only to find out, it wasn’t the real deal… you were talking to a masked computer or stolen image operated by a human of artificial intellectual expertise... and we wonder why mental breakdowns are on the increase. Hmm?

If it doesn’t manifest to a meet, greet, and physical touch, it might be an illusion!?


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