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Corrupt government and Antichrist

I traveled with a group to Ghana, West Africa, some years ago. Our original date to leave was postponed because of an overturn in their government.

The corrupt government intensified inequalities, discrimination, unemployment, poor agriculture and healthcare issues. The poor became poorer and the rich wealthier.

After the overturn had subsided, we were allowed in that country.

One day while touring the town, we seen an outdoors prison, something I had never seen. There were thick bars and we could see the inmates reaching their hands outside the bars as those who were free walked pass the prison. Some of the prisoners stood on top of each other… I assumed they wanted to be recognized… begging for help and to be released. I think some prisoners were begging for food.

According to our tour guide, the poor wanted the rich to experience what they had endured, poor living conditions, no food…helplessness.

The tour guide informed us that the poor overturned the rich and imprisoned some of them which included some of the government officials. Many had fled the country…Hmm!

This has happened in some third world countries for years.

While recently watching the news, a commentator asked a bystander, who do you fear? His answer, “The American Government.” Other bystanders interviewed believe the head of our country is a puppet. Another woman responded that “climate change equal mass murders…that includes all of us.”

Could the western world be headed to be like some third world countries? What does mankind get out of punishing and demoralizing one another?


Is the wealthy club seeking ways to genocide the middle class population, down grading them to the poor? Will our country be rich or poor with no in betweens? Hmm!

The great reset, as some call it, is troubling, but must happen.

Y’all think the Antichrist will just pop up? Nah! A strategy must take place and it starts with dismantling leadership… broken leadership makes confused and disgruntled people vulnerable…I’ll just leave it here…I'm just saying!

Watch, pray, observe, and listen…


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Janice Ivy
Janice Ivy
Aug 16, 2022

The answer is in your closing statement! God is yet in control!

Aug 16, 2022
Replying to

That’s my point. Thank you for reading it.

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