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Guilty cause of skin color

The Bible says black people are curse. This has been stated throughout history, and today we see how blacks are ‘guilty cause of skin color.’

How did this belief “systematic behavior” start? Is this statement true, does the Bible say black people are cursed or was this taught by mankind? Would God curse a race of people because they are dark skin and not give them access to Him? Hmm?

Noah had three sons and his son Ham was dark skinned. Ham was an Egyptian word meaning black.

Because of Hams scornful immorality treatment toward his father Noah, seeing him naked, “when Noah awoke from his wine [induced stupor], he knew what his younger son [Ham] had done to him. So he said, “Cursed be Canaan [the son of Ham]; A servant of servants He shall be to his brothers,” (Genesis 9:24-25).

The story of Noah and Ham has been mis-interpreted for many years. But scripture is clear that Ham’s son Canaan and his descendants were enslaved to his brothers.

The curse was not because of Ham being dark skinned, but he disrespected and committed sin toward his father.

The foolery of the parent corrupts the child, not the color of skin.

I was driving around the mall’s parking lot trying to find a space to park.

As I was driving up and down the aisles I found one. Another driver, who was caucasian, was coming the opposite direction, by the time I turned in the space I realized he wanted to illegally turn into the same space.

He sat and waited until I got out of the car then rolled his window down and said, “f@&! you nigger. I look at him and chose not to engage in ignorance, as I could imagine the bitterness he was taught about darker skinned folks.

Nowhere did Christ say he died for a specific race or skin complexion, neither does He have respect of person. “For He Himself is our peace and our bond of unity. He who made both groups —[Jews and Gentiles]— into one body and broke down the barrier, the dividing wall [of spiritual antagonism between us],” (Ephesians 2:14).

The gentiles are all other races outside the Jewish race.

Racism is a sin and spiritual warfare that is deeply ingrained and has been past down generationally. I’ve heard folks say, “my best friend is black,” words use to cover or justify true feelings or beliefs of one struggling with racism. Hmm!

The diversity of cultures affords the opportunities of friendships and relationships outside of race, but the stigma of mankind’s heart is revealed in crisis.

“Now the practices of the sinful nature are clearly evident: they are...lack of self-control,” hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions [that promote heresies]...riotous behavior…” (Galatians 5:19-21). Anyone that exhibits these behaviors toward another person because of race or skin color commits sin.

This atrocious belief was taught by illiterate bible readers during The Atlantic Slave Trade, the most deplorable inhumane slave system. Christians believed and taught that Africans, who they brought to the Americas, were cursed.

The curse of Ham, as they would teach, was used by slave owners to indoctrinate fear in biblical and cultural illiterate blacks.

This ancient ideological tactic ingrained in the psyche has led to discrimination, racial wars, murder because the stigma of being black, economic segregation’s and sub-cultural racial dilemmas and acceptance.

Claudette Colvin, who was dark skinned, was the first person to boycott sitting in the back of the bus, but it was believed that Rosa Park was named the first because she was of a lighter complexion.

Some years ago when I visited South Africa, I learned there are three different groups, the caucasians, light skinned coloreds and dark skinned coloreds. The separation and discrimination is deep.

The racial wars happening in the Americas have many black leaders admonishing African Americans to establish citizenship in Africa, although the clout of racism is worldwide. Hmm!

The ‘guilty cause of skin color’ is a systematic stigma, an internal disease that has established chromium callous in the mind of whoever chooses to indulge. Racism is a choice...Hmm!


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