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Is Africa repatriation shifting the community to their descendant’s gods?

There is a movement that has been prevalent for a number of years and has again moved to the forefront today, Afrikaans or African repatriation.

This back-to-Africa movement encourages African Americans to search for their roots. Under the umbrella of this movement AA’s are doing DNA testing with hopes of finding the origin of their African tribe(s).

A family member completed this test and we learned our African family origin is Nigeria. No specific tribe has been connected at this point.

A few thoughts come to mine as I observe the shift that’s taking place in the AA community. There is a shifting of biblical beliefs and a falling away from the teachings of Jesus Christ as some AA’s connect to the god(s) their descendants worshiped.

Many say the teachings of Jesus Christ were indoctrinated by the white man as a means to control slaves. The teachings were embedded deeply and have transpired from one generation to the next. This is true. And, the unfortunate is when the seed of this form of control germinates within the AA churches and leaders continue to use it. Was this learned behavior that has shifted from generation to generation...hmm?

The movie “The Birth of a Nation,” is a true story about a child slave that was sent to work in the master’s house.

One day while in the master’s home, he went to the library and began looking at books. He desired to learn to read. When the masters wife seen him, she told him the only book he could read in the library was the Bible.

There were scriptures that the slave master used to control the slaves, who were illiterate to their culture. And, we must remember they were brought to a strange land which they knew nothing about the language or culture.

While studying the Bible, the young man learned the master was only quoting servitude verses that brought fear in the hearts of the slaves; verses that the masters believed justified their cruelty and control.

One day as the master reprimanded the slaves using the scriptures; the young man stood up and began quoting scriptures that reprimanded the master’s cruel behavior. The astonish master became angry.

Biblical illiteracy can lead one to believe erroneous doctrines or teach its verses out of content with the intent to control folks.

Although bible colleges and the advancement of social media have afforded folks the opportunity to overcome biblical illiteracy, it yet exists. Folks would rather be told what it says than to read or study it for themselves, so they can learn how to “...rightly divide the word of truth,” (2 Timothy 2:15).


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