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Is there a difference between astrology, horoscope, and prophets?

Have you browsed through social media and seen astrology or horoscope readings? Many folks including myself have read these readings, particularly out of curiosity. Most of what is mentioned seems true as it defines the past, present, and future. The initiative is to attract you to become a chronic reader.

The science of these readings connects to the atmosphere beyond the earth with an attempt to interpret how it influences the “heavenly bodies on human affairs.” The horoscopes casting determines dates of birth, the foretelling of events, fortune, romance (match making) and life expectations. The astrology or horoscope reading identifies a specific group with the same or similar dimensions as date of birth, character, and behavior.

The sayings strike the readers to trust that many life questions and concerns dearest to their heart will be answered.

The fact is some of the sayings are true, and others untrue, yet many folks find ways to make the overall predictions true. Why?

The true’s has people believing the untruth will eventually happen in their future. The predictions or sayings that do not make sense or give meaning to life will somehow become true later in life.

The method of astrology seems to be similar to some modern day prophets, as the foretelling of one’s past, present, and future. The correlation leaves some folks believing there is no difference. Yet there is a difference.

James 1:17, indicates that God is the Father of lights, which is the sun, moon, and stars. He is also the source of spiritual light, with no variation or shadow turning.

A prophet speaks for God by divine inspiration. There are three criteria’s that indicates a true prophet of God, when prophecy comes true; the words spoken by the prophet correspond with “the revealed word of God,” and the prophet lives a “God-fearing life.”

The astrologist or horoscopes speaks about variations and shadows, character and structure as it pertains to groups or species. It is pseudoscience, a science that claims to connect the human and terrestrial events.

Hmm… Interesting…would you say, or maybe you already know.


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