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Never underestimate the power of God

I stood in line behind a man in the store who was filthy from head to toe. He looked like he had been dumped in a puddle of mud and smelled like the worse epitome of life itself.

His shoes were muddy, and one shoe was torn around his foot and part of his foot was visible. His jump suit was covered with mud, urine, an oily substance and water. His hair was matted into self-made dreadlocks. His skin was that of a darker complexion not matching his nationality.

His mental capacity seemed unstable, as if he functioned solely on an self-made island. It was that moment I began to think about the power of God that have change the lives of many people.

The uncertainties we face today has many folks drawn into the condition of this man. Folks are forced to live on the streets, not knowing when and where they will get their next meal... no facilities to bathe because fear the COVID will spread. The economical down fall has left families jobless, helpless, homeless and suicidal.

But I thought, Jesus healed a paraplegic man, blind man, the woman who had blood issues, and a man’s son who was a lunatic, and a demon possessed man who threw himself in fires, lived in a grave yard, was a cutter, society was unable to keep him in chains. After his encounter with Jesus, the next time folks saw him, scripture says, "he was clothed and in his right mind.”

Do you really believe Jesus heals the impossible cases?

Jesus said this, "the things that are impossible with people are possible with God." “All soul are mine,” is what God the told Israel during a time they wanted to justified generational curses. Not so...

What we see today may not be what we

see tomorrow. Never underestimate the

power of God.


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