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Racial profile, stereotypical and mischaracterized judgments

I purposely have not watched the movie “When they see us,” but I’ve looked at some interviews of the victims.

My experiences were not the extreme as these victims, but the similarities were racial profile, stereotypical and mischaracterized judgments.

A few years ago, I received a phone call to attend a meeting with school officials that tried to manipulate and demoralize a thriving young black boy, my grandson.

What surprised me was the school officials and teacher tried to entrap him using childish manipulations that challenged his underdeveloped mental vulnerabilities, create a case that would demise his academic achievements, and start a school behavioral record that would justify any encounters with law enforcement. I was not surprised of their method. They targeted his character.

What they didn’t know was me and my daughter was a few steps ahead of them spiritually and, academically educated and experienced. By the way, this was a Christian school.

Some years ago, I received a call from a principal that requested a meeting. He indicated that my son was bullying a student. My son and I had been discussing this ongoing issue, and I was reprimanding him.

My son repeatedly explained to me the student kept picking on him, but the principal and teacher made it appear that my son was the initiator...bully.

When I explained my side of the story to the principal, he attempted to justify the student saying his mother, who was Caucasian, was going through a divorce and her son was having a hard time dealing with it. That was the reason the student was initiating the fights. His parents wanted him to talk with me, and suggested I correct my son’s behavior. Hmm!

I told him, I am a single parent... I will not keep punishing my son when their son is initiating the problem and not being reprimanded, but being felt sorry for because his parents were going through a divorce. “Please let them know I’m having a problem with their son initiating fights.” This was also a Christian school.

I had other experiences and I’ve heard many other stories from parents that experienced similar or the same story.

Attacking the character distracts academic development. An illiterate person is vulnerable, and easy to manipulate and control.

One of the young men in the story “When they see us” had a learning disability and was forced to sign documents which he had no clear understanding of its details.

All it takes is one arrest and a record is established that will follow them the remainder of their life.

If exonerated they are faced with trying to regroup and survive in a society that is unfamiliar to them, and getting a job is almost obsolete. The systematic cycle consistently allures these boys and men which they see no way out.

Social and mainstream media repeatedly show violent outburst with law enforcement in their communities. This infiltrates the mind and penetrates fear and anger in the hearts.

I often wonder how many African American single mothers or parents that experience these racial immoralities feel trapped not knowing where to seek help.

They hopelessly watch their thriving young man fail. Whatever age learning is distracted or failed is the level of comprehension the child is stagnated.

We sometimes see adults that think, act, and make choices like children, in many situations this is what happened. Their self-identity, self-worth, and academic intelligence were demoralized during childhood. And, their parent(s) didn’t realize until it was too late.

Yes, there are some children as adults are able to educate themselves above their past negative experiences, but many do not.

Is this an act of Satan to keep a culture of men under his system of authority by manipulation and enticement?

But wait! The demoralization of character has many black boys and men blindsided that it’s not Satan, but the white man’s God that was mentally ingrained during slavery. The teaching of this white man’s bible which still is enforced has kept them enslaved for years.

Behind the bars many black men raised under the Christian faith are introduced to other religious beliefs that denounce the true God. Because their negative societal experiences, they domed Him to be white...when scripture clearly states, “God is a spirit.”

Paul said this to the believers, among them the god of this world [Satan] has blinded the minds of the unbelieving to prevent them from seeing the illuminating light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God...” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

What does one do when trapped in the systems of this world?

Parents continue to advocate for your children, seek professional and spiritual advice, teach them the laws of God, but don’t forget, teach them the wickedness of this world verses the wisdom of God. God is not a punk, He is a spiritual giant and if they maintain Him in their hearts, He is a present help in the time of need.

The severity of some spirits requires the power of fasting and prayer… It works.


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