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The destruction of peace has become a gratification to self-servant leaders

There was a time when unbelievers reverenced the house of God. But compromising leaders has positioned the church to be no different from the world. And, no, I’m not referring to the tit for tat, clothes, make-up, and jewelry. The destruction of peace has become gratification for self-servant leaders as they influence folks to, “follow me” rather than follow me as I follow Christ.

These types of leaders neglect to teach folks the true knowledge of the scripture, but rather teacher fables that excite emotionalism, and starts quarrels, and debates in the Christian communities.

The effect of this teaching has psychologically handicapped folks to rely on their emotional blessings rather than a true divine experience with God, an experience that change one’s life. After the emotional high has lifted, folks return to a lukewarm state until their next spiritual shot or blessing.

Some folks have become church addicts. They come to God’s house just to get a high or as some would say a blessing. When it’s all said and done before the benediction their spiritual experience begins to dissipate. Ask them what was the sermon about, they can’t tell you. Oh wait, no sermon was preached because we shouted, danced, spoke in tongues, took an offering, and dismissed. When a sermon is preached they only remember the appeasable clichés that solidified and pacify their state of confusion.

Folks remain in a state of emotional dilemmas, as the perplexities of life draws them toward continuous sin rather than the righteousness of God.

Words such as “God understand you. You good. For all have sinned and come short of His glory,” are frequent clichés said to folks, especially those that choose to straddle the fence, living a double minded and unstable life. These self-servant leaders reason with the sinful nature of these types of folks instead of letting them know we have been “declared from the guilt of sin as we are justified through the redemption of Christ.” Paul was saying that God makes no distinction of sin, whether you are Jews or Gentiles.  Paul’s thorn was the religious folks. They were self-righteous and argued using the law to condemn the people rather than the love of Christ.

Is this why the churches today are being robbed, murders are happening, and all kinds of idolatry worship?  The power of God is mocked rather than reverenced.

I’ve seen many instances when folks have come to church with the intent to harm the leader or a member and left with a broken heart and contrite spirit, because the authority of the gospel of Christ was preached.

Hosea the prophet spoke these words, “My people are destroyed because lack of knowledge,” (Hosea 4:6).

He was talking about God’s chosen people Israel who had gotten in an unfaithful state. They had broken their covenant with God. There were murders, stealing, folks committing adultery and every damnable sin.  This was happening because the “priestly nation had rejected knowledge,” of the word of God.  The priests were not teaching the laws of Christ, instead they were gratified by the sins of the people, and they feasted and fed into the sins of the people.

The complete land was is mourning and suffering. The people had become like the priests.  Doesn’t that seem like today’s church world?  Some self-servant leaders do not declare the gospel of Christ but the selfish man-made gospel that points the heart of people to them.

If the Priesthood does not teach folks about the love and authority of the presence of God, “ will people call on Him whom they…” do not know about? And, how will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?” (Romans 10:14).  It’s the voice of the preacher that they hear.

The necessity of strong indoctrinated gospel leaders are in demand, as this world cries out for peace. Be that leader, a leader that demonstrates in action and deed, follow me as I follow Christ.


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