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The human beast at work on social media

The brunt of societal disasters has shifted the mentality of mankind to an abnormal beast.

Mankind’s abnormal behavior outweighs animals that are caged, ran from, handle discreetly and called beast. The un-caged beastly human is untamable as it strikes society daily. There are new reports every day.

What has possessed mankind?

I’ve observed social media personalities that profess to be Christians, born again believers, or simply say they believe in the Bible, speak the blessings of God and Jesus one moment, and yet out of the same mouth speak deceit, lies, manipulation, hatred, and profanity.

Their tongue is undisciplined, they curse truth and bless evil and bless truth and curse evil in one breath.

They seek to control their regions as new members join daily. They violently destroy anyone who speaks the truth of God’s word while translating biblical content to suffice them and their intended audience.

Self-destruction is a given as they reason with the tormentor who blindsides the truth. They have convulsion, uncontrollable outburst toward followers who disagree and other media personalities that challenge their platform. They are tormented day and night, no sleep, as they overwork their mind to figure out how to clot chase their adversaries.

They are tormented by demons, yet believe they are in right standers with God.

There was a man who was possessed by demons. He had separated from his family and isolated in the mountains and walked amongst the tombs of the dead.

This man wore minimal clothes. He tormented himself cutting and screaming. The folks in the city would chain him to protect themselves. He would continuously break the chains and free himself.

The citizens lived in fear and bondage as they were fixated on the tormentor who controlled their region.

What’s interesting is this man had to know what was happening to him but he had no self-control.

While observing the homeless population in my city, I’ve noted the different between homeless people that’s mentally challenged, homeless demon possessed people, and the dual of the two.

Here are a few ways to recognize a demon possessed person, violence, super human strength, self-destructive, and some are blind, mute, have convulsions and seizures, and some sicknesses.

This particular man isolated from his family and became homeless. There were no details whether his reason was domestic or an economic crisis. Perhaps the demons had entered prior to him leaving his family and forced him to isolate.

He was violent, had strength beyond a human, and was destructive. He was a wild beast with unclean spirits living in him.

The dual demonic personalities exhibited themselves when they seen Jesus.

“Seeing Jesus from a distance, he ran up and bowed down before Him [in homage];” (Mark 5:6).

He immediate switched, “and screaming with a loud voice, he said, “What business do we have in common with each other, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? He then pleaded with Jesus, I implore you by God [swear to me], do not torment me!” (Mark 5:7).

Now here are demons tormenting a man begging Jesus not to torment them. That speaks volumes to believers of Christ. If we walk under the authority of Christ can demons control of us?

The man fell at the feet of Jesus wanting to be freed from the demons that taunted him. The demons fell at Jesus feet and were subject to His authority.

But the demons, trying to hold their place in him, posed a question, wanting to negotiation with Jesus, as they knew their powers were limited. Then the tormentors begged Jesus not to torment them.

The shifting of personalities exemplifies that the warfare within this man was strong.

The demons that tormented this man had control over the region which he lived.

The warfare within social media personalities seek to control their regions. But what the presenters may not realize, it’s not them controlling their followers; it’s the principalities of demons in this world.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” (Ephesians 6:12).

Jesus spoke and the man was freed of the demons that tormented him. But social media personalities are still at work.

Be aware of the demonic principalities operating in the realm of social media!


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