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The pandemic catastrophe storm that’s shifting a broken school system

The pandemic that shifted our world has sent shock waves through our school system.

Some student’s are active in virtual learning, while other students who live is disparity neighborhoods are unable to receive the same. School officials are trying to implement change in the midst of this storm and provide virtual learning or hands-on material to all students.

Has this catastrophic storm placed educators in a position to construct a new norm? A norm that was politically in the works prior to this pandemic? Hmm!

School systems struggled prior to this pandemic and were studying innovative ways to reconstruct student behavior and learning, programming them to be dependent on a broken school system. A system forced to become parents to students from broken homes.

How is this happening?

Many students come to school hungry which affects their class participation and learning. The educators are placed in a position to assure these students receive the basic necessities, food, clothing, and shelter. When the responsibility of basic needs are transitioned from parents to the schools, new programs are implemented that place students under the authority of a controlled system, which school officials take on the partial role as parent.

A system that utilize collective programs which desensitize a vulnerable brain.

A few years ago, I received a phone call to attend a meeting with school officials that tried to manipulate and demoralize a thriving young black boy.

What surprised me was the school officials and teacher tried to entrap him using childish manipulations that challenged his underdeveloped mental vulnerabilities, create a case that would demise his academic achievements, and start a school behavioral record that would justify any encounters with law enforcement.

I was not surprised of their method. They targeted his character and worked together as a team with an agenda in mind.

But God knew their agenda, and I was reminded that “If any of you lacks wisdom [to guide him through a decision or circumstance], he is to ask of [our benevolent] God, who gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame, and it will be given to him,” (James 1:5).

There are systematic changes that deflect parental guidance and reflect social authority. A social system that implement laws giving them the rights to control all students regardless of their background.

The school system use collective programs to test, manipulate, and measure academic intelligence. Many educators complain that the tests are rigged for a specific group. Some of the same educators complain that students who score low on the test are academically high achievers. They believe that some testing should be eliminated or reconstructed.

Some states allow students to receive medical attention without their parents consent. “AB 1004, force health insurance companies to hide from parents the sensitive services received by their children, like abortions and mental health treatment.” Unbeknownst to the parent, what if the daughter dies during an abortion, or a son who is receiving mental health treatments commits a mass shooting? This is tragic for a family.

Teachers not license psychologist or psychiatrist, diagnose mental health issues and write behavioral reports suggesting psychological treatments and medication.

A student attended a preschool that allowed each student to make a decision whether they wanted to join group reading or not. While some students sat and listen, others students in the same classroom were allowed to run and play. The director believed students should be given this choice. How disruptive is that!

The ironic part, the students that choose to run and play were labeled as having a behavioral problem and referred to the state for evaluation. Does this sound familiar? Is this a setup…ADHD ADD, when simply classroom rules implemented by the teacher and reinforced by the parent could avoid it?

Educators use biased skewed statistics to manipulate, scrutinize, and judge students, categorizing them based on appearance, demographics, and disparities. Their stereotypical assumptions are used as facts to judge a disparity students intelligence. They are convinced, because a student comes from a disparity background, it’s no way that student can be a high achiever.

My grandson was one out of three students, the other two were Asian, who were the top three math students in his third grade class. He attended a private school. The next year’s educator tried to demoralized his expertise in mathematics, manipulating his work, saying his final grade was an “F.” After his mom followed up with the educator, and disputed the educators lack of communication, his grade magically changed to a “B.” This was within the time frame of about two-three weeks prior to the last day of school.

The new instructional system common core was implemented in 2010. I spoke with a teacher that said she was confused about the program and struggled with the method to teach the program. Yet she did her best to teach it.

Maybe teachers are better equipped to teach this program today, but I can’t forget the students that lost academically while the teacher struggled understanding the program and maintaining classroom management.

I’m almost sure there will be a new norm is our school system. Could this be a shift for the better, maybe, maybe not? The school system might be faced with new crisis as the new norm surface. Hmm!


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