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The unstable equilibrium systems in families

The mechanism of family unity can become an unstable equilibrium system. But wait! It’s normal for families to experience waves of differences...

A young caucasian lady marched with Black Lives Matter. Her father, who is also caucasian, marched with the white supremacy protesters who stormed the capital in early January. She spoke publicly about how she is disturbed and ashamed of her fathers violent actions, and that he was arrested.

A black security officer used her phone to video record the violent protest at the capital. A caucasian protester tried to grab her phone and the officer retaliated and smacked the protester in her face.

The protesters daughter expressed that she was “disappointed to be related to her.” The daughter made this public statement to her mother, “Hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protest bc they could get violent... this you?”

Cain murdered Abel out of jealousy. Jacob stole Esau’s birthrights. Joseph’s brothers were envious of him and contemplated to kill him but eventually sold him to another culture.

Laban, Leah and Rachel’s father lied to Jacob that if he worked for him seven years he could marry Rachel. He deceived Jacob into marrying Leah, his oldest, who later mocked her sister Rachel because she was barring, unable to conceive and have children.

Saul sought to kill David because he was vibrant and more skillful than him. Saul’s son Jonathan became David’s best friend which caused problems between him and his father.

The dynamics of family disagreements that lead to separation have existed since the beginning of time. What divided these families were political views, values, morals, cultural differences, race, favoritism, and religious beliefs.

We are in a global transition which the generational gap or current name, “Institutional Age Segregation,” is permeating in the forefront.

This group hybrids from various races, cultures, and ethnicities as they focus on commonalities. They are concerned about building resilience that will change our current crisis, and fighting for equality. We must realize, today’s crisis are far different from their parents and fore-parents...

The generational gap groupies have their complexed issues. There are those sub-gg-groupies that join during those moments of commonalities, protest. When those moments end, they separate and return to their comfort zone which include merging with those who have different opinions than their generational gap

These sub-gg-groups are vulnerable and the information and experiences they encounter fluctuate their opinions, particularly, the inconsistent information about our current crisis. Some find themselves straddling the fence, halted between different opinions.

Where do believers of Christ stand? There are no biases, the generational gap is just as prevalent between these parents and youth. Many of these families struggle with accepting biblical doctrine, what is tolerance verses intolerance.

The most popular and controversial topics are fornication, (cohabitating prior to marriage), adultery, (having sexual relations with married persons), same sex relationships, abortions, and racial equalities.

Church segregation based on skin color continues to exist. Will virtual gatherings change this? Hmm!

Although some of these controversial acts have been in the forefront for many years, the church was intolerant and was respected as so.

But this is vastly changing as the vulnerability of the generational gap group and their elders are challenged whether to believe biblical doctrine or mankind’s new age ideologies.

The most tragic in all these scenarios is the unknown, unpredictable, and unstable equilibrium waves that the generational gap are learning about their parents, the elders. The hidden agendas their parents expose during these global transitional moments. That’s family tragic...Hmm!


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