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Why the demise of rappers

We have lost multiple rappers within the last year. Gun violence is the leading cause of their demise, but not the root of their  problems.

The meaning of the word rap has evolved from a uttered sharp or vigorously tone to an open converse in a direct unreserved tone.

My opinion, rap music is not music, it is rhythmical  drum beats assisted by the bass guitar, and a monotone keyboard sound.

The lyrics is what moves and influence the hearts of the listeners. Lyrics send frequencies to the heart which induce an outward reaction, and for some rap artists and listeners the results are negative outcomes. I know, that statement was generalized… but there is clean and positive rap, but it’s not as popular.

Some Rappers, who do not come from a property stricken life are attracted to the benefits of rap music. Though they have not lived in poverty and experienced the disparities, they speak about it from a fictional, surface, or external connect. However, it seems the derogatory and undermining rap music sets precedence in the hearts of people.

The lyrics relate to the negative disparities in some black neighborhoods…murderous, and explicit sexual and degrading lyrics which influence negative behaviors that result in killings, rape, molestation, and drugs and alcohol addiction.

When rap music is played repetitively, the beats and lyrics sinks into the spirit of the listener, as “…those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.  For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies,” (Matthews15:18, 19).

Music is inherently the heart of many blacks. I tapped on the piano keys and had a creative ear at a young age.  I learned to play piano in a music conservatory, but ear hassling music is second nature.

Slaves from Africa maintained  their inherent musical talents when brought out of Africa to other countries. Drums, one of the oldest instruments played in Africa, has a soulful message that penetrates and moves the soul, but there are discrepancies about African drumming.

I was visiting a church in Africa, and they had a percussion drum line that made the most beautiful musical sounds. A few years later, while in a Bible study, a person debated with me saying that  all African drumming is demonic.  The person said they would send me proof, but I never received it.

During slavery drumming and singing was their comfort, it settled the soul, spoke about their atrocities, and directions to freedom was song in their harmonic linguistic patterns communicated to each other.

The slaves and post-slaves created popular musical beats and lyrics that eventually became hit songs. Black song writers were considered  less human and could not  own the rights to their music. That systematic practice continued and exist today.

Although some older black rappers are seeking or have gain rights to their music, young rappers are vulnerable to the historical systematic governed protocol, which continues to be their mainstream and source for notoriety.

They are offered big money, masterminded and manipulated into signing contracts which they are clueless of the legal verbiage, and they neglect to seek legal advice.  The prestige and quick monies overshadows the pitfalls.

Many black rappers come from poverty stricken neighborhoods and homes. Money is used as a bait to entice their fantasies and desires… the prestige, fame, big homes, nice cars, and expensive jewelry.

Poverty is demoralizing and depressing and many rappers suffer low self-esteem, and have self-identity crisis, as they search where to fit in society.

Personal recognition and notoriety of rap music is their way to relieve these pressures. The hype and energy is a way to escape their daily atrocities, while the indoctrination of their atrocities sub-consciously lingers. The overbearing expectations and magnitude of their atrocities lead to competition, jealousy, and rivalry.  The outcome is gravely.

“…for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame,” (Song of Solomon 8:6).

Jealousy and retaliation is the leading cause of most rapper’s demise. They loose their life not realizing there is redemption from the chaotic life they have chosen or experienced.

“The ransom of a man's life are his riches: but the poor heareth not rebuke,” (Proverbs 13:8).

Although the advantage of rap is being wealthy, the disadvantages prematurely end their lives. They become prisoners to the game and the price of getting out is there soul... (I’m just saying).


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